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Dominick Mutascio

NPC Body Builder

About Dominick

Nationally ranked bodybuilder, Dominick Mutascio, 30 years old, grew up on the east end of Long Island, NY(Hampton Bays). Dominick was a three sport all star athlete throughout high school. He ended his high school career with all state honors, after winning the Suffolk County Championships and was ranked as one of the top wrestlers in the country at the 135lb weight class.

Graduated in 2009 with a degree in dietetics & Kinesiology. In college Dominick worked full time as a personal trainer and started preparing for his first bodybuilding show. Dominick won the overall at his first OCB Bodybuilding show and soon transitioned to the NPC and continued his streak of success in the industry, both on and off the stage.

After graduation, Dominick completed his internship at a bariatric center in Long Island NY, and over the years worked a number of different jobs amongst the health and fitness industry.
Throughout his professional career, Dominick made a name for himself in the New York City corporate fitness world, managing several corporate health clubs for over four years. His titles include Director of Fitness for New York Sports Clubs and New York health and Racquet Clubs where he oversaw their fitness departments.

Currently, Dominick has left the corporate fitness world and now works part time as a dietitian at an internal medical practice in Midtown Manhattan. He also leases out a gym space in the trendy Flatiron District in New York City. There he runs his private personal training, nutritional coaching, and contest prep company, called Best Built Fitness.

Career Highlights

Helped hundreds of clients achieve many different goals and levels of fitness. Works part time with an internal medical practice in Mid-town NYC, has help many diabetic and disease prevention clients get off of maintenance medications through proper nutrition and exercise. In 2017 coached over 50 Competitive competitive nutritional clients, helping them win over 40 first place finishes and many overall titles at regional national qualifiers, as well as helped four clients achieve their IFBB pro card in just the past 10 months. Personal Highlights BA in Dietetics & Kinesiology: Over the years has won a bunch of regional shows, place in all 5 National shows and 2016 was the Mr. USA Welter Weight Runner up, just missing his pro status by a mere one point. Dominick is one of the head sponsored athletes for Species Nutrition, Dream Body Cuisine, and Muscle Eggs and will continue to pursue his Pro status and his passion in nutritional coaching.


Hampton Bays, Long Island , NY

Current Residence

New York City

Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor

Cake Batter

Favorite Workout Music

Breaking Benjamin

Favorite Movie

Terminator II

Favorite Exercise

Chest Press

Favorite Cheat Meal

IHOP Pancakes or French Toast

Favorite Use of MuscleEgg

Words cannot begin to describe how passionate I am about MuscleEgg and how much they have helped me achieve my fitness goals for over 6 years. During the off-season/mass building phase, the convenience to be able to drink it allow me to get in the necessary macro nutrients that I needed to achieve my goals without having to eat solid food all the time. During pre-contest/Shredding season I like to make my low-carb/sugar protein cakes and ice cream, Which consists of 1 cup muscle eggs , 4oz of korean sweet potato and 1 scoop of Species protein pudding blended into batter, then pour in a pan. This receipt can fit into anyones macros and is the best way to still enjoy delicious food without cheating on your diet.

Favorite Hobbies

Extreme sports like snow boarding, dirt bike riding, wrestling and spending time with my Family, girl friend/fiance, and loved ones.

Best Advice I Ever Got

Do what your passionate about and what makes you happy. Never give up, consistency with your nutrition and training is key. There will be times were you'll feel like giving up and that your getting know where, however those are the times that matters the most.