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Lauren Adams

IFBB Bikini Pro

About Lauren

I went to school at Ole Miss! I have a twin sister and a little brother! I have been an athlete my whole life, growing up playing softball, swimming, cheering, and dancing. I grew up watching my dad compete in powerlifting meets, and I discovered bodybuilding right out of college- I wanted to really change my body. I started following Jamie Eason’s plans from! Once I decided I wanted to take it to the next level, and started prep for my first NPC show in the bikini division. Now, almost 6 years later I am getting ready for my first IFBB Pro Season as a rookie!

Career Highlights

The best moment(s) in my career have been...

  1. My first overall win in 2016, and
  2. My 1st place win at my pro qualifier last year, earning my IFBB Pro status!


Gulfport, MS

Current Residence

Charlotte, NC

Favorite MuscleEgg Flavor

Cake Batter

Favorite Workout Music

Anything hip hop with a "hype" beat! lol

Favorite Movie

All Harry Potter movies!

Favorite Exercise

RDLs with dumbbells

Favorite Cheat Meal

Sushi + Cookies :)

Favorite Use of MuscleEgg

Using MuscleEgg as the “milk” with cereal. I love Cinnamon Chex! I also live for oatmeal, peanut butter, and Cake Batter mixed together for breakfast.

Favorite Hobbies

I have recently learned to shoot a bow and arrow and have had a ton of fun doing that with my boyfriend this last year!!

Best Advice I Ever Got

When I feel like I want to quit, or give up, I always remember: “I didn’t come this far to only come this far.” That phrase has stayed with me since my first prep.