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Priscilla Lucci

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About Priscilla

"I’m a disciplined and determined Bikini Athlete, with a background in a variety of sports including basketball, track, volleyball, Tae-Kwan-DO, and golf. I began my journey in bodybuilding in March of 2014, progressing quickly to the National stages with two shoes, my most recent being the Seven Feathers Classic where I took home the title of Overall Bikini Champ."

- From Muscle Elements

"Genetically gifted with good structure, shape and balance is what gave Priscilla Lucci the nod at the largest ever Seven Feathers Bikini Overall Championships. With her shape and structure, Priscilla was able to edge out alot of great high caliber Bikini athletes that all earned their way to the Overall round, but only Priscilla was able to walk away the victor. It will be exciting to see what she does next and how well she does."

- From NPC Oregon